Art & Sport

A new innovative project in order to make Art and Sport as one, thus creating a new concept: the eco-friendly travel.
Thanks to our astonishing Cities of Art and our amazing Environment we offer you new destinations combining into a new formula culture and adventure: “mens sana in corpore sano”.
A whole Country to visit.   A whole Country to discover.
Our unique proposals:
  • Venice and the majesty of the Dolomites
  • Florence, the charm of Apennine Mountains and the Tuscan Archipelago with its islands
  • Naples : discovering the gorgeous Gulf (Capri, Ischia, Procida) and climbing of the volcano Vesuvio  
  • Catania and the Lunar itinerary of Mount Etna
  • Taormina, its Gulf, natural sea caverns and Eolie Islands
Tradition and adventure: come and visit amazing cities tighter with challenging sports.
Culture and adventure: highly professional guides will explain for you the grand splendor of Italian arts, while expert instructors will introduce you to a parallel world through the experience of totally safe sports.
We will provide the best professionals for:
  • sailing boat, a magical experience
  • trekking,  a satisfying  fight
  • free-climbing, tree-climbing, canyoning, hydro-speed and rafting:  adrenalin challenges
  • Alpine and cross-country skiing: a keen perspective
  • 4x4, Quads and mountain-bikes: the off-road fun
These energetic and astonishing  experiences have their own reward:
  • the ancient charm of Alpine Malga
  • the warm welcoming of mountain lodges
  • the hospitality of “Gourmet and Wellness” hotels 
  • landing in small sea villages 
  • a unique experience with local fishermen and mountain small communities.
Come and feel part of a micro-cosmos… Welcome to Italy!